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A speculative fiction novel on cyber-terrorism charting the history of the internet through a boy who wants to upend the world. 


"A clever and adroit book, at times cynical and disturbing (by design), but always intriguing and absorbing. The novel is a cyber-thriller, an unsettling dissection of today’s society and technology."


"It clearly uses instant messages, diary entries, and blog posts to track the world and the lives of mastermind hacker Joe Brady and terrorism analyst Penelope Hunt."

"A very fast and enjoyable read."

"In many ways it is an exploration of Ellie’s psyche and, with the tapestry of events which unfold, this creates a unique and engaging plot that is both thoughtful and evocative."


"This is a unique and very engrossing concept. There's a lot of wish-fulfillment. I can easily imagine the little hotel and the surrounding village. It's fun and I recommend the book because it's absolutely NOT what you expect it to be!"

"It has politics and terrorism. Marriage, romance, politics, life, death and children; this book has it. It has life."



A speculative fiction novel set in Downing Street, the White House and a Portuguese fishing village. 


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